MatVisual 1.0 - facts 

Suitable data structures:

  • Particle flow -  suitable for particle-based fluid flow models such as dissipative particle dynamics, smoothed particle hydrodynamics, etc.  

  • Lattice flow -  suitable for quadrangle lattice based models such as lattice Boltzmann equation, lattice-gas automata/cellular automata, etc.

  • Domain flow -  suitable for computational electromagnetics in multiphase and multiple domains materials using quandrangle lattice.  

  • Phase-field -  suitable for plotting materials microstructure with or without texture information, microstructure evolution in materials processing, solute and temperature distributions, etc. 

  • Molecules and crystal structures with or without bonds. The size and colour of each atom and bond are adjustable - suitable for demonstrating the microscale materials structure. 
  • Spherical particles of various sizes with classified changeable colours in 3D space - suitable for demonstrating configurations in space with its weight factor. 
  • Dots in 3-dimensional (3D) space with size and colour of dots changeable - suitable for displaying the configuration of data. 
  • Colour dots in 3D space with size of dots changeable but colours defined in data files - suitable for demonstrating spacial configuration of various parameters.  
  • Numerical calculation of z=f(x, y) Cartesian equation

  • The numerical solution for r= f(q, j) polar equation

  • Data obtained by other means to compare with numerical solutions of above equations 

Some output features: 

  • Property distribution at surface, cross section planes or volume

  • Phase or domain boundaries

  • Texture of materials grains

  • ISO surface of properties or phases

  • Contour line distributions in planes

  • Flow velocity in plane or volume

  • Flow streamline in planes or volume

  • Plotting serial datafiles and save as movie files

  • …   

Not suitable for:

  • Mobile phone installation

  • Data from adaptive lattice structure

  • Painting and drawing

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